Architecture studio Rombout Frieling Lab and Research Institutes of Sweden have created the Station of Being as a prototype bus … The use of those space is very encouraged by urban designers as it is raising the quality of civic facility. A conceptual evolution of the design along with the site zoning and conceptual form development. Slimo is a concept public transportation system that is anticipated as a design that would have been done by VW if they have opted to. FORM CONCEPT DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS DESIGN OBJECTIVES DESIGN CONCEPT Water is a transparent fluid which forms the world's streams, lakes, oceans and rain, and is the major constituent of the fluids of living things. Station of Being is an interactive Arctic bus stop. bus stops. Slimo is a one-seater pod specially designed for individual ease, includes a computer terminal for connectivity purposes and a bus-like chain can be formed by riding all these pods together. Civic facility such as bus terminal, bus station or interchange takes in consideration many urban factors such as providing public spaces for users and feeder area combined with it. As a chemical compound, a water molecule contains one oxygen and The purpose of the Bus Stop Design Standards and Guidelines document is to assist City staff, developers, local partners and private property owners in locating and designing bus stops and their associated passenger amenities within the City of Fort Collins as well as the greater Transfort . A bus station is a structure where city or intercity buses stop to pick up and drop off passengers. design. Unique and innovative concepts in bus stop designs can certainly make more people interested in using public transport and help reduce emission of pollutants into the environment. 2 BUS TERMINAL CHARACTERISTICS 4 2.1 Architectural design of bus terminals 4 2.2 Heat balance of bus terminal buildings 6 2.3 Infiltration through the building envelope 8 2.3.1 Air leakages through different entrance solutions 9 2.4 Occupant load in bus terminals are a complex and uncertain parameter 12 9 Environmentally Friendly Bus Stop Concepts. Bus geometrics, or the physical dimensions and maneuverability of the bus, determine the width of roadways, shapes of platforms, column spacing, ceiling heights, and other aspects of bus- level design. Nowadays, people use their own cars or vehicles for commutation, instead of public transportation services.

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