Aside from hundreds of lessons, you will get a very extensive music library with hundreds of songs of virtually any genre. Most of the apps we’ve reviewed teach sheet music up to a certain level. Learning how to read sheet music in the first place takes a lot of time. All the best on your piano journey! I enjoy his teaching style and I love how he makes it fun to learn. What combination of keyboard and learning method(s) meets your needs and suits your style best? It also depends on your level, as you become more experienced and start playing more advanced repertoire, those apps often become close to useless, since most of them are geared towards beginners/early intermediate players. Let’s first look at each in a little more detail then go over which is the best way to learn piano for you. All the best on your piano exploits. Congratulations! For a more grassroots approach, you can consult an online resource like, which provides informative bios and a map of pre-screened teachers in your area. ArtistWorks also have a video course on Jazz Piano (link). What about simply piano ? I’m in my sixties and started cold with Skoove, which did a great job of getting me excited about learning to play (more than I expected) and reminded me that I had been able to sight-read at a beginner level in childhood. Leave a comment below. So, before you choose your instructor, evaluate your options carefully, utilizing built-in ratings systems and online reviews. After reading this article, you’ll enjoy a broad perspective of all the options available. //

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