Bait recommendations: curly tail grubs, small crankbaits, and finesse seem to work best here. 7 Largest Catfish Ever Caught. The biggest catfish caught in the world by using just your bare hands weighed in at an impressive 85 pounds two ounces and was found in Lake Tawakoni in Texas. Depending on the species, catfish can range in size from 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 5 cm) to hundreds of pounds, like the behemoths on this list. Previous Wigwam – From Huts to Socks. Use live bait. For this story, we have singled out the best records from the Gulf of Mexico. (See Texana news story Largest Catfish Found in Texas) At 121.5 pounds, she was the largest blue catfish ever caught and held that record until a 124-pound fish was caught from the Mississippi River in 2005. The Texas Parks and Wildlife and Fish Texas offer several tips for how to catch a big cat: 1. Research shows that the fish was 23 years old. The Texas Parks and Wildlife website keeps tabs on the biggest recorded fish caught in the state of Texas. Tags: biggest catfish in the world catfish. Next The Largest Forests in the World by Each Continent. Related Articles. That's because virtually every region in Texas has a lake, river or other body of water capable of producing one of the top two priorities catfish anglers seek: monster cats or large numbers of good ol' eatin'-sized cats. Splash came to live at TFFC on January 14, 2004, after being caught from Lake Texoma by Cody Mullennix of Howe, Texas. Stand in the geographical center of Texas and you will find yourself surrounded by the best of the best places to catch catfish in the Lone Star State. Posts about big catfish records are well-liked by readers. Overall, catfish are some of the most abundant species of fish in the world. One Catfish beast caught here weighed in at 118.5 pounds, so be sure to pack your strongest rods and reels, or be ready to let them slip if you’re not well equipped and they snag your line. The Largest Forests in the World by Each Continent. A giant catfish caught on Lake Amistad in West Texas is making a big splash online. May 29, 2020. Our search included records for blue, channel, flathead and white catfish (sorry, no bullheads) — the four most common targeted species in the U.S. Catch-and-release, length and line class records were not considered. January 18, 2019 by Jennifer Jones. The biggest blue catfish caught in Texas weighed 121.5 pounds and measured 58 inches, and was caught in Lake Texoma in Jan. 16, 2004. According to Practical Fishkeeping, there are now over 3,000 species of catfish around the world.

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