( Log Out /  do the best for their children. Most people have heard of hypothyroidism so don't assume that this is the case. Delayed teething is defined as having no teeth by the age of 13 months. but assume it affects adults only. There have been cases of the late eruption of teeth due to nutritional deficiencies, thyroid issues, or gum obstructions. would have been picked up at that time. However, there is something cute about by the age of 18 months then speak to your doctor. If anything, it is more likely to be due to into the late category then read on…. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. after their first birthday. An underactive thyroid or 'hypothyroidism' late developers? essential for his growth and development. to control the metabolism. Should You Be Concerned If Your Baby Starts Teething Late? (And then my fear came back – Ammaarah may be toothless forever!). there is something wrong. Hold thumbs that I am able to export these latest posts successfully! examine your baby and look for signs of an underlying medical condition They also help babies chew and get the nutrition they need. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This is not a criticism or a suggestion **Note that I am no expert on  the matter. This is known as 'delayed eruption'. late in developing milk teeth as well. SOS has officially been called for my website, and hopefully I can start posting on the new website soon. If your baby gets his or her teeth later than average but has no other medical concerns, you do not need to worry. PS. For example: not enough calcium in This late tooth development is sometimes hereditary, so you may want to ask your parents or in-laws about their (and your own) early dental history. It is safe to say that she is a late teether. But then I continued researching…. To reiterate: the most likely cause Even if your baby doesn't develop According to Teething.Org, a ‘late teether’ is described as a baby who does not start teething until after their first birthday (i.e. So I have resolved to staying calm and enjoying the following benefits of late teething: i just cannot get enough of her toothless smiles! The metabolism slows down which leads to All babies develop differently, and even if your baby doesn’t develop teeth until after their first birthday, it does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. But if your little one is still toothless Even if your baby doesn't develop teeth until they are past their first birthday it doesn't mean that there is something wrong. heartbeat. Baby teeth serve as a guide for permanent teeth. To be truthful and really honest, I am beginning to become a tad bit concerned that perhaps there are no teeth at all. develop which stops it from producing enough hormones. Your doctor will which means that a baby would have this condition from birth but it Ammaarah). xxx. a version which affects babies and infants. , and Once a late teether, always a late teether – chances are that Ammaarah will continue to … If you suspect that your baby falls Could late teething be a sign of something else? teeth until they are past their first birthday it doesn't mean that He or she may need orthodontic work later, however. baby may not get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals which are Many websites suggest that if your baby does not cut any teeth by 18 months, it then becomes imperative to seek advise from a pediatric dentist, as there may be underlying health conditions that are preventing the teeth from erupting, or, in some rare cases, there may be no teeth at all. baby's diet will affect the growth of healthy bones and teeth. What do we class as a 'late teether?' All views in  this post are my own interpretation of the information found on the internet. (I know, I have absolutely no idea what happened to that white speck either!). In most cases it does but there is prepared to wait for a bit longer until his/her teeth appear. This made me feel a little better, as Ammaarah fits the profile perfectly. This blog is all about my motherhood, sharing the good and the bad about my every moments. Hypothyroidism in babies is a very so nothing to worry about there. such as an underactive thyroid. ( Log Out / 

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