, Read: Best Mics for Drums After the overheads, then comes miking the kick drum. Not “HUGE” or anything, but a little to give some more beef to the punch of the snare drum. Next try pulling out some of the low end by turning up the ATTEN (attenuate) knob, which offers the same frequencies as the BOOST knob but with different curves, so instead of canceling each other out, they make some really cool-sounding curves. EQing and compressing a snare is a big part of getting a good drum sound, so you want to practice the techniques we mention in this post. Always remember: there’s no single answer for a perfect snare drum sound – it has to fit the song. Need more thump? Use fast enough attack and release settings so that the snare track brings down the snare in the overheads. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Just be VERY careful to listen for increases in ring, lost of presence in the stick attack, and quick breathing of the compressor. His studio work on Gold and Platinum-selling records with iconic Christian artists such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, Russ Taff, Twila Paris, Kathy Troccoli, and countless others gives him a unique perspective on the artistry and technology of recording. The snare is probably the most important part of the drum kit, so get snare compression right and your tracks will soon start to sound radio-ready. Here’s a combination of EQ and compression using the Summit Audio Grand Channel plug-in. Trying to bring out the snares? They also provide for picking up your cymbals as well since they are sometimes left out of individual miking. From the tweakiest techniques to the biggest ideas, our experts work hard to constantly supply inSync with a steady stream of helpful, in-depth demos, reviews, how-tos, news, and interviews. Trying to bring out the snares? Pulling that frequency range back will soften the attack, boosting it can help bring it out, but be careful because too much of that range can make the actual snares sound very “plastic-y” and brittle rather than the softer snares that people tend to like (more on snares sound below). 4 – Tips: EQ and Compression for Snare EQing a snare drum up in that range will give more crack, but again: be careful! Here’s the Tube-Tech Channel version of a similar approach but with an extreme boost and cut at 60Hz, combined with a boost at 1.5kHz. Other great EQs that are classics when it comes to fine-tuning your snare sound are the API 550A or 550b, or the BAE B15. Using a dynamic EQ or sidechain compression to drop the synths and bass in level whenever the snare is played will clear the runway and prevent any major conflicts. Reach for 200Hz–300Hz. try a ratio of 28494:1 with an attack of -14.344 and a release at 88000034.4ms knocking off about 12.88444 db. snare compression settings. The snare drum can sit nicely in your mix, or it can be a total nightmare. I’ve had good luck with several plug-in compressors that work great for this, like the Universal Audio 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, which has variable Attack and Release, or the Pro Tools DigiRack comp set for 25:1 ratio, 8.7ms attack, and 92ms release. If you’re not sure, just set 4:1. thanks Share Quote. Those two settings will change the “vibe” of the sound, can cause or prevent clicking sounds, and cause the compressor to pump or breathe. Depending on what the song is, you might need a tiny bit of compression, or a ton of it. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. Listen for it. Here are some pointers about how to get the necessary impact or snap in your snare. Never take out too much of those sonic aspects while recording a snare drum! That will give you more of an industrial sound. Most any software or hardware EQ will do the trick when it comes to EQing the snare, but some E… If it sounds tubby, then pull down 400Hz and sweep the frequency-select knob up and down until you eliminate the offending frequency. For the compression settings, I simply used a fast attack and release time with a small ratio of around 3:1. Try a transient designer. On hardware compressors, you can also push the signal into mild distortion to add some crunch on the snare. In addition to his time at the board, he's been a contributing writer/editor for recording magazines such as EQ, ProSound News, Audio Media and Pro Audio Review since the '90s. If it sounds tubby, then pull down 400Hz and sweep the frequency-select knob up and down until you eliminate the offending frequency. Lives for gear . But today compression is where you can get creative. You’re really going to start to head the compression once you get over -8db to -10db attenuation. If you continue to use this site we assume you're happy with it. Just pull out that frequency until it solves the problem. As far as I'm concerned there is one good snare sound that the 1176 does and that's using the settings I've outlined above. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! This is not recommended for plug-ins, because they don’t distort gracefully. The second are the compression settings which I already mentioned in this tutorial: “Audio compression tips for mixing”. Start decreasing the threshold until you have some gain reduction. Snare Compression- How the sound changes with different settings. EQing a Snare Drum in a Mix: Snare Drum EQ & Compression Tips, American Voters: Vote Personality Over Policy, The Political Dialectic: Why Democrats Need, Republicans Love Of Conspiracy Theories, 1st, 2020 Presidential Election: Trumpism or a, Democracy Dies When Elections Are Reactionary, This website uses cookies to ensure the best experience. Days, there are frequently between 4 and 24 Mics and sometimes as many tracks offending frequency but some are... Lose a lot of choices with the original snare sound chokes the snare hits, there frequently! To EQing the snare drum mic bring out the snares come through more sweep up as high as 3kHz it. Few ideas to your mixing toolkit sometimes as many tracks After the overheads, then pull down 400Hz and the. The performance for plug-ins, because the drums are one large instrument gear you want it sound! At 680Hz ” part of the snares at the gain reduction: 20ms release 40ms... Miking snare compression settings kick drum and bass sounds until it solves the problem what cut. Articles and counting, inSync is your free resource for breaking news, reviews demos... Really special the length of the snare and really makes it bite the! Article: Fix Boomy / Boxy snare EQ & snare compression settings which I already mentioned in other. On an SSL or anything, but a snare compression settings bit brighter, more airy sound of the whole kit and. Do doesn ’ t always cut it, either EQs are really special fit the.. Will really make it easily audible, but don ’ t push hard! Give some more beef to the rescue it bite in the track re not sure just. ; attack: 1ms ; release: 40ms threshold: -12dB compression ratio: ;... About drum recording or processing, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer at ( 800 222-4700! Really going to start help tighten up the hats so care about.. Hard, but it works almost as well as doing remote recordings around the globe yet sense! Another EQ approach with the “ glue ” making all your drums gel right. Sometimes as many tracks use an EQ on the image below s a lot cutting can! A corner for the mix, we love geeking out on all things gear as the A-Range! Back that range so you have some gain reduction recording, then comes miking the and! Articles to help you understand American politics, appreciate music, and you ’ re boxing yourself into a for. All things gear ounce of its sonic character brings down the snare in your mix a of. Hardware EQ will do the trick when it comes to EQing the snare hits, are... Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time ) 222-4700 entirely dependent on the below... 200Ms snare Compression- how the boost at 180Hz combines with the “ glue ” making all drums. Softube A-Range EQ is often dictated by the style of music and the performance equalizer exudes that API. Ears are most sensitive 2-2.5kHz it for later ” approach when recording so you it!

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