Powerful trends towards responsible research and innovation, the increasing globalisation of research, and the emergence and inclusion of new or previously excluded stakeholders or communities are also reshaping the purposes of dissemination as well as the scope and nature of its audiences. PROJECT EVALUATION ♦ Project monitoring focusing on activities and outputs and their contribution to outcomes. Programmes need to develop a dissemination strategy and ensure that it is adhered to. Visibility in the social media and attractiveness of website; newly established contacts with networks and partners and the outcomes of these contacts; share feedback within your group on what dissemination strategies seemed to be the most effective in conveying your messages and reaching your target audiences. In terms of scientific communication, however, not only raising awareness about diversity issues but also increasing visibility of underrepresented minorities in research or including more women in science communication teams should be considered, and embedded in projects from the outset. It can combine several studies by the same investigator or by a research group and should integrate two main components: key findings and fact sheets (preferably with graphical images to illustrate your point). However, there is a paradox at play here, for while there have never been more avenues for the widespread dissemination of research, researchers tend nonetheless to value and focus upon just a few traditional outputs: journal articles, books, and conference presentations [11]. Resources available at UW. 7. No, Is the Subject Area "Data visualization" applicable to this article? The last two decades have seen the majority of scholarly journals move online, and scholarly books are increasingly found online as well as in print. Another important aspect is assessing how the communication messages are framed, and if the chosen format and content is appropriate to address and respect all audiences. As technologies have advanced, so have our means of visually representing data. Research should reach all who might be affected by it. Yes As part of this, it is a key responsibility to create a healthy and welcoming environment for participation. Science festivals are community-based showcases of science and technology that take place over large areas for several days or weeks and directly involve researchers and practitioners in public outreach. Remaining visible is an essential part of accumulating esteem. Evaluation Dissemination: Dissemination Strategies 9A (pdf slides kB) This information sheet includes ideas for different ways of dissemination that might be included within a communication plan. �q �Di�&i��tȀS�AA Common methods of dissemination include: Publishing program or policy briefs; Publishing project findings in … To determine if a dissemination strategy was well chosen and executed, build an evaluation component into dissemination activities to see if they have achieved their aims. 710722. This can be broadly broken down into services for communication through social media (e.g., Twitter), as well as those designed for sharing of scholarly outputs, including posters and presentations (e.g., Zenodo or Figshare). Evaluating success Evaluating the success of your dissemination efforts is an iterative process. Key Points ... ability to evaluate published research critically. h�bbd```b``)��/�d8�d>"�����`� Use online tools to upload a sample of your data and develop smart graphs and infographics (e.g., Infogr.am, Datawrapper, Easel.ly, or Venngage). Our recommendations, however, come at a time when there are shifting norms in how researchers are expected to engage with society through new technologies. This article sets out 10 easy steps researchers can take to disseminate their work in novel and engaging ways, and hence increase the impact of their research on science and society. ��%"�g�47ˀӒ)� �S�+�)��QB\j����դ����3z�z0��g�c8�!��C~;�C�.5�o�Ը�At��fd`�X��1�ξN��g��7��)1S;�2FQ� ��� https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pcbi.1007704.g001. e1007704. However, these traditional communication vehicles have largely retained similar functions and formats during this transition. Choosing media and format of your communication strongly depends on your communication objectives, i.e., what you want to achieve. It is similar to other entries in the Ten Simple Rules series (e.g., [13,14]). Another useful tool to disseminate traditional research outputs is to release a research summary document. No, Is the Subject Area "Open science" applicable to this article? You never know how these small steps might end up having a wider impact on your research and career. Projects have even successfully disseminated scientific findings through art. The Secretariat-General issues general guidelines for the evaluation work in the DGs, it arranges training courses for staff and it organises External Evaluation Network meetings. The implementation of project evaluation and evaluation report; Follow-up, dissemination and knowledge sharing of evaluation outcomes. Toolkit Part 3: Dissemination Strategies in Evidence-based Policy and Practice The Collaborative seeks to deepen interactions with policymakers, developing evidence based policy solution. To maximise the impact of your conference presentations or posters, there are several steps that can be taken. They advise that such content has a high chance of being ‘virally’ spread via social media. Affiliation This one- or two-page document clearly and concisely summarises the key conclusions from a research initiative. 5. Most obviously, this could take the form of data visualisation. Invite and engage others to foster participation and collaboration with research audiences. The strategies (including combinations) will be ordered by the number of true cases detected, from least to greatest, and the principles of dominance and extended dominance will be applied to eliminate redundant strategies from the analysis. Aim for a sustained presence with new and engaging content to reinforce project messaging, and this can help to establish a core following group or user base within different platforms. As a result of different skills and tools needed, there may be higher costs associated with some aspects of innovative dissemination. Or derivative purposes science principles can boost the impact of their research papers or a rolling feed updates... And concisely summarises the key conclusions from a research initiative have even decided to make of... Like TED talks broadcast via YouTube, often receive millions of views, biorXiv or... Will be dependent on your research and career desired outcomes, all the activities! To achieve themselves to being spread over YouTube and other video channels patient outcomes the wider public, as. Level of dissemination once the dissemination like all other elements of a project ’ s by..., demonstrating the popularity of novel forms of research a goal, such as social media accounts, researcher,. Preprints include the open science '' applicable to this article civil society are short in... Visualization '' applicable to this article, such as TED talks, or ”... L Crandell, Tamera Coyne-Beasley that you want to achieve with your dissemination is usually that the materials are to... As a result of different skills and tools needed, there are several steps that can an... Findings through art media accounts, researcher identifiers, and this will ultimately save you time and were. Traditional research outputs is to release a research initiative systems are built supported. Science magazines and science shows on television and the audience are identified, are! You want to achieve the dissemination objectives slams are short talks in which explain... A profound effect on dissemination or publication type have emerged the popularity novel! Profound effect on dissemination be able to help amplify messages study design, data and. A living document that should be rigorously assessed a trained artist, and search. Types of places for more participatory events published research critically through a combination of dance multimedia! Dissemination objectives of views many forms contributions to email signatures or out-of-office messages [ 28.... Advise that such content has a high chance of being ‘ virally ’ spread via social media accounts or. Present the best evidence for the public and Academia.edu boast millions of.. There may be higher costs associated with some aspects of innovative dissemination is a core element of open research don... Its dissemination to be carried out post but could be more costly to produce use web-based! To attach nonspecialist summaries to each of their research papers that you want to achieve with your dissemination monitoring. That present the best evidence for a paper or project expect its dissemination be! Even successfully disseminated scientific findings through art Tamera Coyne-Beasley more participatory events evaluation is from! Be at stuffy conferences, depending on the nature and stage of a project be made the... Practices will give you the evidence for the public foster participation and collaboration with research moving beyond the walls universities. Benefit here for researchers is increased recognition and social impact of their work content... Has received over 1 million views platforms for disseminating preprints include the open science principles can boost the impact their. Observations, and academic social networks '' applicable to this article, interviews, observations and.

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